Tuesday, November 4, 2008


You just don't say the word "no-hitter" while one's going on...

But polls start to close in a couple hours marking the end of the Bush era, which has dominated GWS's fragile political conscience. The long national nightmare---two unresolved wars, a massive fiscal crisis combined with constrained monetary policy options, Hurricane Katrina, No Child Left Behind, judicial appointments, Justice Department firings, Abramoff, Mark Foley, North Korea getting nukes, indifference to Darfur, privatizing Social Security, and the rise of Sith Lord Cheney---the long national nightmare that has defined GWS's political life since three days after he turned 18 is finally, mercifully coming to a close.

Electoral fun: GWS has made a bet with a friend from high school. If Obama wins, GWS wins $50 bucks; if McCain wins, friend of GWS gets $50. Straight up, no over-under, no line. GWS likes these odds.

Keep those fingers crossed, and go Obama.

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