Friday, November 7, 2008

Morning Misogyny

GWS and Fishbulb are listening to Tom Ashbrooke on NPR right now...his female guest is talking about the late Michael Crichton. Tom says, "You've...I understand you've lost a friend recently..." The woman says, yeah, Michael Crichton and she were very close:

Tom: "What was he like as a person?"
Woman: "Well ...he was, he was very charming."

Fishbulb to GWS: "She was sleeping with him."

Fishbulb strikes! The sad thing is, GWS is pretty sure that Fishbulb is right in the majority of situations. So, dear readers, what are your thoughts: if a woman describes a recently deceased man as "charming," does that mean she is or had been sleeping with the man? GWS is hard-pressed to find examples otherwise...

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