Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fingers crossed

GWS just finished the Foreign Service Officer Test at Bunker Hill Community College. This written exam is the first step toward becoming a member of the American Foreign Service, the professional diplomatic corps that manages the country's foreign relations. The test consisted of four parts: job knowledge, English expression, personal questionnaire, and essay.

Job knowledge: a wide range of questions about American culture, policy, history, and government. GWS thought he did well on this section. A question to readers: a recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of declining nominal GDP, not real GDP, right?

Engrish: this portion of the exam tested GWS's ability to speak his native tongue. If he doesn't do well on this section, GWS will be most displeased.

Can I ask you a personal question?: strangest section of the test by far. Questions ranged from, "How likely are you to try to learn new things?" to "How often do others turn to you to resolve a conflict?" to "In the past six months, how many times have you volunteered for an unpleasant task?" GWS is unsure how the Foreign Service accounts for self-reporting on these metrics...

Essay: the most difficult section for GWS. The prompt was about American automobile use, specifically if and how government policies needed to change regarding private use of cars for transportation. Time was limited, and GWS wrote a tacked-on conclusion...

Keep those fingers crossed---in eight to ten weeks, GWS will know if he's dead in the water or still a candidate for America's diplomatic corps.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps our discussions of late on the true nature of your American Republic helped you with these questions. Unfortunately, it’s REAL GNP.

The U.S. based National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) defines a recession more broadly as "a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP growth, real personal income, employment (non-farm payrolls), industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales

But I doubt that having opinions like “Our long national nightmare is over” will hurt you in this sclerotic field.

And for the record, the Nightmare never ends, it just changes. Recalling that we get the government we deserve rather than the one we want. That’s the change you voted for with the Obama-nation.

To paraphrase the Gunpowder Treason:
Remember, remember the 4th of November
The Leftist and media plot

To place in high station
this Obama-nation
and turn out our freedoms to rot

The rebuilding of the American Conservative begins. . .