Saturday, October 11, 2008

"You got the wrong guy"

GWS just got back from canvassing for That One outside Derry, NH. It was a beautiful day, with the treetops exploding into reds, yellows, and oranges and not a cloud in the sky, but GWS was struck by some of the conversations he had with undecided voters.

Derry is a somewhat conservative part of the state, a fact made obvious by the number and size of McCain-Palin yard signs. While a good number of voters didn't want to be bothered by politics on an otherwise lovely Saturday, many undecideds and even people leaning one way or another seemed eager to speak with GWS and his fellow campaigners. The McCain backers, however, were uniformly uninterested in talking---not noteworthy in itself, but the uniformity of their responses struck this canvasser.

TIme after time, McCain backers would only respond, "You've got the wrong guy," and go back to whatever they were doing. That was all. No "I'm voting for McCain." We were merely told that we had the wrong guy and from that, we were to deduce that the person intended to vote for McCain.

GWS will leave it to his reader(s) to decide what this means. GWS has his own theories---lack of intellectual openness, resignation to an Obama victory in November, maybe GWS and his fellow canvassers smelled funny---but it's worth pointing out that the great mass of voters seemed willing to speak about public policy and the challenges facing this country while McCain's backers seemed content merely to keep to themselves.

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