Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The last throes of a few dead-enders?

By now, we've all heard Rep. Michelle Bachmann's comments about Barack Obama and the Congress's crypto-anti-Americanism.

One of the under-appreciated casualties of the War on Terror is some really fun verbiage, as a certain governatrix might put it. Take "last throes" or "a few dead-enders." GWS thinks that, put together, the two might have some serious heft. As in:

Representative Bachmann's wholesale questioning of her Congressional colleagues' personal motivations evoked troubling echoes of Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Her attempts to dissociate herself from her statements are not only deeply cynical but also intellectually incoherent. Her views on government---as expressed in her interview with Mr. Matthews and in her time in Washington---are both wrongheaded and potentially destructive; her insular worldview seems to have fed an irrational paranoia the likes of which this country has not taken seriously since the 1960s. It is my sincere hope that Ms. Bachmann's comments lead to her own and like-minded colleagues' electoral defeat this November because that will allow Americans to confidently and correctly claim that Miss Bachmann's naked attempt to smear Sen. Obama was proven to be nothing more than the last throes of a few dead-enders.

Not bad, right?

GWS grew up near Bachmann's Sixth District in Minnesota, so he hopes with all his snarky little heart that the good people of Woodbury, Blaine, Andover, and St. Cloud come to their senses and show Bachmann the door. Besides, GWS can't believe he'd be the only one who'd snicker every time Congressman Elwyn Tinklenberg's name gets mentioned, and everyone could use a good larf.

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