Monday, October 13, 2008

The curious syntax of Chip Caray

The TBS broadcast team this postseason has been a bit harsh on the ears. A quick list:

-"Fisted" Anything hit on the inside half of the plate is described by Chip Caray as "fisted." Not only does this improperly describe most situations, but it's just unspeakably awkward when you're a) watching the game in mixed company, and/or b) halfway through a 12-pack of Newcastle.

-"David OR-teez" Buck Martinez insists on mangling the struggling Red Sox slugger's apellido. If he's going for a faux-Spanish accent, shouldn't it be "Dah-VEED OR-teez"?

-"There's a drive" Nine times out of ten, when Chip Caray says the hitter's just hit "a drive," he has either lifted a lazy fly to center or hit a single to his pull-side. GWS is left to conclude that Caray would make an awful outfielder because he clearly can't read the ball off the bat.

-FrankTV Insufferable. Not part of the broadcast team, but stilll...

-"Caballito, the little pony" As Boston Sports Media Watch has pointed out, both Martinez and Caray seem to think that Dustin Pedroia is known as "the little pony" to locals.

-Ron Darling sounding like he's out of breath Darling has a way of sounding like he's pushing out air at the ends of words. It leads to a halting rhythm and emphasizing the wrong syllables.

-"Probably dreamed of, playing wiffleball a couple times, hittin' one over the Green Monster!" Ron Darling just said this about Rocco Baldelli's 8th inning backbreaker. Objection: hearsay and conjecture. Sustained.

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