Monday, October 13, 2008

Breaking medical news!

Bill...he has good days, and he has bad days...

GWS is sad to report that New York Times token neo-con William Kristol is suffering from Alzheimer's. Though GWS does not have access to Kristol's medical record, the evidence is overwhelming.

It's always bittersweet to see someone lose grasp of their analytical faculties. GWS is forced to conclude that Bill just didn't remember writing "The Wright Stuff" a week before he wrote "Fire the Campaign," because there's just no way he could possibly believe what he wrote in both articles.

I mean, how could anyone be so slimy as to advocate "taking off the gloves" one week, and then only seven days later turn on his heels and say John McCain should stop all negative campaigning and run a high-minded race from now until November? They couldn't, which is why GWS is so terribly saddened that we're losing one of the right's (purported) intellectual giants.

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