Monday, August 4, 2008

You want WHAT, economy-class scum?

According to the WSJ (read religiously on the can by your scribe), American Airlines has ceased its overly generous policy of not holding passengers hostage to their thirst. Now, when Billy the One-Eyed Orphan needs a drink to wash down his TB meds, he's gonna have to cough up $2! (Get it, "cough" up? Ha!).

The real outrage, and I use the term "outrage" broadly, is that coffee or tea costs only $1. I may be wrong, but isn't water like, one of the main ingredients in tea? So does this mean that adding a little baggy of dried up leaves or rodent testicles (or whatever AA makes their tea from) actually REDUCES their cost? Or, conversely, does this mean that 'Murican Airlines realizes that coffee and tea are both diuretics, and will probably end up making you more thirsty?

I can't wait till they start trying to charge for bathroom use (well, I really can't wait till someone shits on a stewardess).

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