Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why am I not friends with these women?

GWS used to hate local yah-dood rag Barstool Sports. Its columns were sophomoric, its ads garish, and its copy unforgivably peppered with typos and grammatical errors. Somehow, Barstool's hard copies managed to beat Boston Now and the Metro's combined sloppy copy scores.

Barstool Sports's blog, however, is, as they say, a game changer. It's gotten GWS through many a long work day, and GWS's employer has essentially turned into a 'Stool shop. It's not what you'd consider a first-rate blog; most of their content consists of links originally found on Gawker, Don Chavez, etc.

But Barstool does one thing outstandingly well, and that's the Local Smokeshow of the Day. Every day (well, supposedly every day), lead blogger El Pres selects one of the many beautiful young women here in Boston to feature as that day's Local Smokeshow. Today's Smokeshow hails from Harvard and [slow clap] well done, sir [clap, clap] well-l-l-l-l-l done indeed.

Thanks to the wonders of the intertubez, GWS was able to quickly track down this goddess from Harvard and even to learn that she's friends with a girl GWS used to wait tables with. Barstool Sports has found a niche in the blogosphere, one that should inspire plenty of me-toos, but GWS has yet to see the copycats.

Kudos to you, El Pres, you magnificent, smutty genius, and keep the Smokeshows comin.

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