Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whiner of the week

Waah waah waah. I don't like CF lightbulbs or local meat. Waah waah.

I know you don't HAVE to be a pussy to write for the Times, but apparently it helps.


Anonymous said...

Finally, you are right on one thing. It helps to be a pussy when you work for the New York Times. “Nuff said.

But I think your defense of mercury-laded light bulbs is pretty ironic. Ever consider what you are supposed to do if you break one of these "eco-friendly" bulbs? Here's a sample from your friends at

"When you first break the bulb, open the windows in the room and restrict access to the room or area for approximately 15 minutes. This will allow the room to air out and less of the mercury that you will be breathing in.

After the room has aired out, you will need to remove all materials possible without using a vacuum cleaner. To remove the broken bulb and power, wear disposable gloves. Please do not use your bare hands. Next get pick up or scoop up the pieces and powder with stiff cardboard or a dustpan. After you have removed all of the pieces, take a wet wipe or wet towel and dab the area. This will help clean up small broken pieces of glass that your eyes might miss. It will also help clean up the powder from the broken bulb. If you do not feel that you have cleaned up all the broken pieces, you can use sticky tape, such as duct tape, to go back over the area with."

Well that's not so bad, is it? You only need to wear the hazmat suit for a day.

And now for comparison, here’s what you have to do when you break an evil, gun-toting, born-again, Halliburton-loving, BusHitler-voting, baby-killing (isn’t THAT ironic) incandescent bulb:

Get a broom and sweep up the glass. Done.

So tell me, Oh Great Wise GWS... If mercury in our fish at 5 ppm is a life-threatening assault on Mother Earth and our children then why isn't the 5MG of mercury in every one of the dozen or so CF bulbs you currently have burning in your house likewise a threat?

Is there now Good and Bad Mercury depending on where its application falls on your social agenda?

Where is your oft-raised outrage at placing our CHILDREN at such risk? Why aren't you trying to ban CF bulb use in private homes and schools FOR THE CHILDREN??? That is the battle cry you lefties use when handing the rest of us a ticket to your personal guilt trip isn't it? Where is your self-righteous moral indignation when we actually need it?

C’mon GWS….do it for the children.

Great White Snark said...

"Whiner of the week" being a Fishbulb post, I'll leave a response to him.