Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Smog? What smog?

The U.S. Olympic cycling team arrived in Beijing, and they've already found a way to make a scene. China, clearly incensed that another nation would dare challenge its cycling abilities, made it clear that it was not happy about American cyclists showing up to Beijing airport wearing anti-pollution masks.

The cyclists got their masks from US Cycling by way of the USOC, and the USOC didn't seem to be mad at why they cyclists were wearing the masks so much as where they were wearing the masks.

Chinese spin-master Sun Weijia explains: “We have all along said that it is not necessary for the athletes to wear masks because the air quality in Beijing has improved,” Sun said. “We have to explain that looks can be deceiving, and that it looks like fog, but actually the air quality is good.”

Oh, come now, Mistah Sun (Missy Sun?)---you're the director for media operations, and you're trying to put one over on us by using "fog" instead of "smog?" Fog doesn't worry Olympic athletes dependent on getting oxygen to their bloodstream; smog does. Sun knows the thick gray haze enveloping Beijing doesn't look a thing like fog. So are we to believe the "Oh, sah-ree, my Engrish no good" defense here? No. GWS predicts we're gonna hear a whole lot more about the air quality in Beijing over the next couple weeks, if for no other reason than there's very little mass interest in kayaking & canoe.

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