Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh, you crafty devil, you

John McCain tapped Alaska governor-minx Sarah Palin for his VP slot, and GWS's snark gland is raging out of control. A curious choice, but a decent political move, Palin offers America a chance to put a really attractive woman just one bullet from The Button.
Tell me you wouldn't hit that.


Anonymous said...

The guy to her right has at LEAST 5 times. And if surveys are to be believed, being a conservative means that they have a very full sex life as compared to liberals. So tapping that will remain only in your hot shower fantasies.

My first question was, "who?" as I would have sworn Murkowski was still AK gov. And it remains to be seen if she can hold her own in a debate with the Great Bloviator from the very small state. State envy, anyone?

But you can't help but smell the irony of the Obama team sniffing that she has "zero experience" just 1 heartbeat away from the Oval office.

Hmmm....pot, kettle, black. You do the math.

For the sake of argument let's forget that she has 2 years more exec experience than either Obama or Biden. At least we put her in the #2 chair to get the OJT she needs as opposed to the Dems who put the least qualified yutz they had on the roster in as their #1 chair.

Talk about “zero experience”. I leave you with the words of your former First Lady on that subject, “McCain has 26 years of experience to bring to the office. Obama has a speech he gave in 2002.”

That’s gotta hurt.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I mean to OUR right.