Thursday, August 14, 2008

Libertarians make me giggle

A friend of DBMIVFK sent this along recently. It's an open letter from someone named Will Manly who used to blog for something called The Stir is someplace called Kansas, and it made GWS's belly shake like a bowl full of jelly.

Libertarianism has long struck GWS as similar to psychadelic drugs in that they seem to possess the minds of adherents and induce a crazy googly-eyed look. This condition can become permanent.

Mister Manly (tee hee) writes that he originally liked Obama, but that he's soured since out to be a Democrat? A couple choice points of snarkery:

1. Bobby Jindal isn't close to the politican Barack Obama is, at least not yet.

2. Gun control laws "kill people and steal freedoms?" AND steal freedoms!?! That is something up with which GWS simply will not put. First of all, where do you get off stealing freedoms, and where are you hiding them once they're stolen? Secondly, who do you think you are, Mr. Brady Bill, killing people and all? As the NRA has often reminded us, that's the bailiwick of people, not laws.

3. If you so disdain effete San Franciscans, Mr. Manly, if you find them so close-minded and bigoted, why do you care what Barack Obama says to them?

See, Mr. Manly, the big reason Barack Obama doesn't "understand and respect [your] way of life," is because there just aren't that many of you. Most Americans now live in a major city, most American economic activity happens in major cities, and gun control is typically needed more in major cities than in small towns, so if Obama's more concerned with big cities than small towns, that's really in the utilitarian interest of the country. Mr. Manly can be forgiven this ignorance, GWS supposes---at least it would match his idiocy regarding tax rates. You really think that America's rich pay too much in taxes? Compared to whom?

GWS isn't quite sure what he expected from someone whose old rag left cyberspace with the immortal parting words "Long live Nic Cage." For the record, Nicholas Cage (his excellent work as Stanley Goodspeed in "The Rock" notwithstanding) is the worst American-born actor of his generation, his histrionics and odd cadences finding their natural counterpoint only in Canada's worst actor, Hayden "Nooooooooooooo!" Christenson.

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