Monday, August 4, 2008

China develops new super-ninja

Common sense used to dictate that the massive Chinese People's Liberation Army was nothing with which to fuck (GWS abhors dangling prepositions). Now, all that might have changed.

Seriously? Two dudes killed 16 people and then injured another 16? GWS is no longer scared of China's million-man standing army, its 2,300 combat aircraft, or its plan for a rapid naval buildup. GWS is now terrified of these knife-wielding, truck-driving, grenade-tossing superwarriors. If China's past military strategies have any bearing on future plans, we can expect to see 400 million of these super soldiers lined up shoulder to shoulder and walking across the Taiwan Strait by about the time Conan goes off the air.

DARPA did not return GWS's call regarding a rumored counter-measure to the Chinese superninjas, but inside sources hint it may look like this.

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fishbulb said...

Are those water-pistols in his hands?