Thursday, July 31, 2008

Adios, Manuel

The best right-handed hitter of his generation patrols the Green Monstah no longah.

Manny Ramirez was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers, bringing the Pittsburgh Pirates's Jason Bay to the Fens. The Dodgers sent Andy LaRoche (who PECOTA still sees good things for) and RHP prospect Bryan Morris to Pittsburgh, who also picked up 4th OF Brandon Moss and RHP Craig Hansen from the Sox. Great White Snark's take on the trade, piece by piece:

Manny Ramirez: Manny comes out on top in this deal. There is no way that Royce Clayton's herb can compete with the club card Manny's gonna get out in California (fine, you tell me why Clayton was on the 2007 postseason roster). His arrival in L.A. makes for some odd reunions: Ramirez playing for Joe Torre; sharing a locker room with Mrs. Hamm, his skills greatly diminished from his batting champ seasons in Boston; and who can forget Derek Lowe? Manny will fit in out in L.A., and maybe now he can bear down and focus as he nears the end of his mammoth contract.

Jason Bay: After many years of wandering in the western Pennsylvania wilderness, Trail, B.C.'s favorite son (Adam Deadmarsh doesn't count) finally gets to play for a team with a snowball's chance in hell of seeing the postseason. Bay's numbers compare favorably with Ramirez's---but I don't think we'll be seeing as many 0-2 counts turn into nine-pitch walks from Bay. His glove represents a small improvement in the Red Sox outfield defense, limiting the need for defensive replacements. The Sox still don't have anything approaching a good arm for left field, which grates on GWS's sense of the Way Baseball Oughta Be Played, but Bay's right-handed bat is a good fit for the Sox. Still, I can't shake the feeling that if both the Dodgers and Sox make the playoffs, Sox fans will wish we had Ramirez behind Papi instead of Bay.

Andy LaRoche: GWS first heard of LaRoche in conjunction with his brother Adam. PECOTA sees good things for the young third baseman, projecting decent power numbers and a consistent average in the .280s, but GWS has his doubts. LaRoche is less than twelve months removed from surgery to repair a torn labrum and has been dinged repeatedly this year. He's a good pickup for the Pirates, but probably a better unload for the Dodgers.

Bryan Morris: Who? Young righty, Tommy John, PECOTA predicts mostly scrub... Good stuff, apparently throws a good curve, and the better of the two pitchers Pittsburgh's picking up if only for the fact that he's still just 21.

Brandon Moss: The Sox outfield overfloweth, yea. Crisp, Drew, Ellsbury, and Ramirez weren't going anywhere, so Moss moving on gives him a shot at some real playing time.

Craig Hansen: Here's where Theo Epstein proves that he plays chess while Neal Huntington plays checkers. Hansen made GWS cringe every time Francona put him on the mound. His control has regressed from last year, when it wasn't good to begin with. He's 24, and boy he sure looks like a pitcher, but Hansen got his shots in the Sox 'pen, and he consistenly underachieved. Hansen's departure further depletes a rattled Red Sox relief corps, but GWS is glad to see him go.

Red Sox: I can't really believe it actually happened this time. It's like I just saw my friend's shitty girlfriend storm out of his room and into the night for the thousandth time, only this time he slowly and methodically just takes all her shit she's stashed around the house---toothbrush, clothes, that shitty mango salsa that makes my tongue confused---and puts it on the porch.

Dodgers: The NL West just got a lot more fun to watch. Manny is going to eviscerate Senior Circuit pitching. Literally eviscerate.

Pirates: Not a bad move from the worst franchise of the last 17 years, but not a great one. The Pirates are baseball's thrift store.

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